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I dont always get this excited about a product shoot on location. But this one was a lot of fun. Not only my client was also from France and we enjoyed speaking our native language and drinking good coffee during the photo shoot, the products were also a delight to photograph! Shooting products on location is very challenging. You don’t have the control of the lighting like you do in studio. It also requires to work a bit faster and with more distractions. I enjoyed every minute of it and I could have bought every single product I photographed that day!

Here is a small selection of hand made home decor and other products from South East Asia that will soon be available online at Reflections Of Asia.


I had a lot of fun working with designer May Ellen Gardiner this week! She hired me to photograph a space she designed a few months ago. The highlight of this new lower level is definitely the bar area. After the interior shoot she took advantage of my Spring promotion and received a complimentary portrait session to update her profile picture on her website and all the different social media sites she subscribes to. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that shoot…

When a caterer and a decorator work together on a theme, the result is a celebration of taste and colors!

Never Enough Thyme Catering
Nature’s Harvest

Reflecting on the photo shoots I did in March, I think this one was probably one of the most challenging and rewarding. The client wanted some really close up shots of the baked goods, a very shallow depth of field for an artistic effect as well as an organic and natural feel to the images… We met before the shoot and talked for quite a while. I was pretty sure I had a clear understanding of the effect he envisioned. He was delighted with the results. He are some of my favorite shots…