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I just did a photo shoot for LaNeva Artisan tiles. Their new line of products makes a very creative use of recycled skateboards. Check them out:

They also offer a nice selection of hand painted tiles:


I stopped for a quick visit at the Little Bird On Grand in Minneapolis yesterday. Well, I thought it was going to be a quick visit, but it never turns out that way. I love to chat with Jodi and, since I always have a camera with me, I snapped a few pictures of some new treasures…

Please note that these images were shot for fun hand held in a low light situation and do not reflect the quality I would normally provide a client on a commercial shoot ~ Thank you!

I dont always get this excited about a product shoot on location. But this one was a lot of fun. Not only my client was also from France and we enjoyed speaking our native language and drinking good coffee during the photo shoot, the products were also a delight to photograph! Shooting products on location is very challenging. You don’t have the control of the lighting like you do in studio. It also requires to work a bit faster and with more distractions. I enjoyed every minute of it and I could have bought every single product I photographed that day!

Here is a small selection of hand made home decor and other products from South East Asia that will soon be available online at Reflections Of Asia.

There is a special place on Grand Avenue in Minneapolis. Nestled in the Kingfield neighborhood, the Little Bird on Grand is a treasure chest of eclectic gatherings, old and new. Stop by for a visit! Jody, the owner, will tell you wonderful stories about her precious finds and you will be delighted by the experience.

Remember: 4754 Grand Avenue in Minneapolis, say that Valérie sent you!

I had the morning off yesterday and met some friends for coffee in Southwest Minneapolis. I love the Kingfield neighborhood because that’s exactly what it is… A real neighborhood! We decided to walk down Grand Avenue on this beautiful first day of June and stopped by a small shop called A Little Bird On Grand. The owner, Jodi, was outside planting flowers and we started a nice conversation. I love old things, eclectic and shabby chic things and if you do you to, you have to visit Jodi! I asked if I could snap a few pictures. Here is an idea of what you’ll find if you visit A Little Bird On Grand

Note for my photographer friends… I wasn’t planning on taking pictures indoors on my day off but I had my camera with my 55mm lens, shot those handheld in ambient light.

I had a lot of fun working with designer May Ellen Gardiner this week! She hired me to photograph a space she designed a few months ago. The highlight of this new lower level is definitely the bar area. After the interior shoot she took advantage of my Spring promotion and received a complimentary portrait session to update her profile picture on her website and all the different social media sites she subscribes to. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that shoot…

It’s that time of the year when restaurants need photos for their summer menu. Yesterday was salad day!

I visited Architectural Antiques in Minneapolis this morning. What a great place! This was just a personal project. I snapped a few pictures in ambient light without a tripod… I would love to spend more time there with more equipment, there are so many interesting things to photograph…

I had the pleasure to photograph some of the beautiful eco-friendly fabrics designed by Samantha Cobos of PURE Inspired Design this week. Here are some of my favorite pillows!

When a caterer and a decorator work together on a theme, the result is a celebration of taste and colors!

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