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I love it when the Sofitel Hotel calls me for an interior shoot. It feels a little bit like home… What I enjoy most are not the wide angle shots (although they are a big part of the shoot) but the detail shots which tell a story. Here is a small selection of a recent shoot.


I love shooting the details above all!

I stopped for a quick visit at the Little Bird On Grand in Minneapolis yesterday. Well, I thought it was going to be a quick visit, but it never turns out that way. I love to chat with Jodi and, since I always have a camera with me, I snapped a few pictures of some new treasures…

Please note that these images were shot for fun hand held in a low light situation and do not reflect the quality I would normally provide a client on a commercial shoot ~ Thank you!

I photograph A LOT of beautiful kitchens and master bathrooms. I can’t possibly do a blog post each time! Here is one that I photographed yesterday. Why does it stand out? I had a lovely time visiting with the custom builder, the designer and the home owners after the shoot. We talked about photography, travels, etc. The ‘people experience’ is a big part of my job and I have some really great clients!

There is a special place on Grand Avenue in Minneapolis. Nestled in the Kingfield neighborhood, the Little Bird on Grand is a treasure chest of eclectic gatherings, old and new. Stop by for a visit! Jody, the owner, will tell you wonderful stories about her precious finds and you will be delighted by the experience.

Remember: 4754 Grand Avenue in Minneapolis, say that Valérie sent you!

Summer feast in the boat house!

I had the pleasure to do another shoot for designer Chantal Devane, owner of Devane Design. The space she designed included a kitchen, a living room and a dining room. As always, her great attention to details and her signature style created a beautiful and easy to live in space! Here are few pictures from the shoot:


As an interior photographer, my most common residential photo shoots include remodeled kitchens and bathrooms… I’ve seen A LOT of beautiful master bathrooms, powder rooms, etc. over the past few years. Bathrooms can be tricky to photograph, some have mirrors on three sides! Mirrors can also be your friends when you can get a reflection into another room and create more depth to the image. Here are a few samples…





I had a lot of fun working with designer May Ellen Gardiner this week! She hired me to photograph a space she designed a few months ago. The highlight of this new lower level is definitely the bar area. After the interior shoot she took advantage of my Spring promotion and received a complimentary portrait session to update her profile picture on her website and all the different social media sites she subscribes to. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that shoot…

I recently did an interior photo shoot for designer Marianne Buckmann, owner of CocoBello, LLC. The newly reomodelled space included a gigantic walk-in closet, a master bedroom and bathroom as well as a beautiful entry way into the bedroom. I also did a series of environmental portraits for Marianne.

Photographing a space with dark woodwork, walls and window treatments as well as a variety of light fixtures and color temperatures can be a balancing act. The pictures need to reflect the feel of the space by being true to the ambient light.

Here are some of my favorite shots!

Walk-in closet - His side!

Her side of the closet!

Marianne Buckman, designer and owner of CocoBello, LLC.