I love it when the Sofitel Hotel calls me for an interior shoot. It feels a little bit like home… What I enjoy most are not the wide angle shots (although they are a big part of the shoot) but the detail shots which tell a story. Here is a small selection of a recent shoot.


I love shooting the details above all!

I just did a photo shoot for LaNeva Artisan tiles. Their new line of products makes a very creative use of recycled skateboards. Check them out:

They also offer a nice selection of hand painted tiles:

I stopped for a quick visit at the Little Bird On Grand in Minneapolis yesterday. Well, I thought it was going to be a quick visit, but it never turns out that way. I love to chat with Jodi and, since I always have a camera with me, I snapped a few pictures of some new treasures…

Please note that these images were shot for fun hand held in a low light situation and do not reflect the quality I would normally provide a client on a commercial shoot ~ Thank you!

Environmental portraits are my favorite! They are shot in the subject’s usual environment, such as a workplace. My client, Stephanie, is a personal development coach. She hired me to make some action shots of her at work for her new website.

I dont always get this excited about a product shoot on location. But this one was a lot of fun. Not only my client was also from France and we enjoyed speaking our native language and drinking good coffee during the photo shoot, the products were also a delight to photograph! Shooting products on location is very challenging. You don’t have the control of the lighting like you do in studio. It also requires to work a bit faster and with more distractions. I enjoyed every minute of it and I could have bought every single product I photographed that day!

Here is a small selection of hand made home decor and other products from South East Asia that will soon be available online at Reflections Of Asia.

I photograph A LOT of beautiful kitchens and master bathrooms. I can’t possibly do a blog post each time! Here is one that I photographed yesterday. Why does it stand out? I had a lovely time visiting with the custom builder, the designer and the home owners after the shoot. We talked about photography, travels, etc. The ‘people experience’ is a big part of my job and I have some really great clients!

There is a special place on Grand Avenue in Minneapolis. Nestled in the Kingfield neighborhood, the Little Bird on Grand is a treasure chest of eclectic gatherings, old and new. Stop by for a visit! Jody, the owner, will tell you wonderful stories about her precious finds and you will be delighted by the experience.

Remember: 4754 Grand Avenue in Minneapolis, say that Valérie sent you!

Photographing food on location is definitely one of the most challenging things I do for work. Being on location means that you don’t control the environment like you would in a studio set up. I work with the chef and real food. I need to work fast as food doesn’t sit well for too long (especially ice cream!). There are many other variables that come into play: light (I shoot food with window light and reflectors only), occasional spectators (yes, in most cases the restaurants are open for business when I shoot), etc. I enjoy the challenge and I make the best of any given situation. You just need to be prepared for the unexpected and go with the flow!

Okay, I love my job. Chocolates can be challenging to shoot but they sit still and, if I drop one by accident, I can eat it!